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Oct 2020


Despite insistence to the contrary from the logging industry, cutting down trees doesn't prevent catastrophic wildfires.

Since the government began restricting logging on federal lands, the timber industry has promoted the idea that private lands are less prone to destructive blazes, due to a relative lack of tree fuel.


In fact, evidence indicates the opposite is true. Private lands that have been cleared in the past five years, with thousands of trees cleared at a time, tend to burn slightly hotter than average when compared to federal land that hadn't been cut.  

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Sep 2020


Southern and central Oregon likely to experience poor air quality in the coming days due to drifting wildfire smoke.

As a result, the region is currently under an air quality advisory until Saturday. The Warm Springs Reservation is under a similar advisory due to the Lionshead fire in Oregon. Those living in areas under advisory should stay indoors, or wear a protective N-95 mask if possible.

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Aug 2020


Wildfire scars can now be seen from space.


NASA has released satellite images showing huge burn scars from the LNU and SCU lightning complex wildfires. The scars extend hundreds of square miles.


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