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The SF YMCA had problems with their air quality during the CA wildfires. To know which locations were safe to open they installed AirAngel Environmental Health sensors to assess their air quality in real-time across all of their locations.

Unhealthy Outdoor Air: Making sure that your indoors stay healthy from outdoor threats

From wildfires to traffic pollution, often times the outdoor air is more unhealthy than indoor outdoor. It's important to know when that's the case so organizations can adjust by using indoor filtration or other techniques to improve their environment instead of opening windows and letting the outdoor air in. In other cases, it can make sense to use the outdoor air and reduce operational costs of ventilation, lighting, etc. AirAngel provides the data you need to make those decisions.  

Environmental Health

> Air Quality (CO2, VOCs, PM)

> Thermal Quality (Temp/Hum)

> Lighting Quality (Intensity)

> Sound Quality (Intensity) 

> Motion

Indoor - Outdoor Health

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