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Thanks to SFPD and the SF Zoo and all of the concerned community who helped find Maki and bring him home.   As part of the Lipman Family Madagascar Center project team, we are proud to be on your side and grateful for your hard work and commitment to the cause of animal care and habit conservation for these endangered and special lemurs.   We look forward to the completion of the expanded and improved LFMC at SF Zoo’s opening day in 2021 that it is ready to help the conservation effort for more than one dozen different Madagascar species.  Maki and friends will love their home even more and ready to connect all us people-kind with their wonderful stories.

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California protects 2.4 million people from losing wildfire insurance.

The state's Department of Insurance announced on Thursday that temporary relief would be provided to those millions of victims affected by historic wildfires. Under the declaration, insurance companies will be banned from dropping or refusing to renew insurance for people who lived in or adjacent to areas affected by this year's wildfires.

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How Smoke From Fires Can Affect Your Health


We Are Running Out of Air

Industrial Smoke

A Frightening New Reason to Worry about Air Pollution

Foggy Skyline

WHO on Impact of Pollution on Children

Wildfire Smoke is Poisoning California's Kids.  Some Pay a Higher Price.
Wildfire Facts from USGS
Wild Forest Fires
Impact of 2018 California Wildfires on Human Health
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