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MKThink wanted to test its office space for health to make sure its team, and its clients who they consult for, were staying healthy. They installed sensors in several rooms and are able to keep track of indoor healthy spaces in real-time and see reports on indoor-outdoor health to make adjustments to their spaces. 

Sick Buildings: Measuring the environmental health of your spaces

You spend 90% or more of your day indoors but you have no information about how your spaces are affecting your health. Are you getting tired because the air you're breathing is high in CO2?  Do your eyes feel stressed?  Are you easily distracted? Many of these could be the result of an unhealthy environment. We measure the health of your spaces to keep you informed.  

Environmental Health

> Air Quality (CO2, VOCs, PM)

> Thermal Quality (Temp/Hum)

> Lighting Quality (Intensity)

> Sound Quality (Intensity) 

> Motion

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