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Understand user behaviors outside

Our people vision sensor can be used to understand how people occupy and move through space outside.  Renovated an outdoor space and want to see if it's Activated? Reopening during COVID-19 and want to see if people are Social Distancing? We can do all of it. 


Information calculated (same as inside):

Occupancy by Zone

Dwell Time



Solar-Powered Mobile Trailer

Where power or mounting is an issue, we have an option for a solar powered, mobile trailer with 30' telescoping pole with sensors mounted.  The trailer can operate all day on as little as 4hrs of sunlight and has a battery backup capacity of 72hrs.  

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 11.58.37
SF Zoo relies on our data to reopen

We are working with the SF Zoo to make sure people keep properly distanced during their visit. In our dashboard they can keep track of how often and where social distancing conflicts are happening, so that they can take action to change signage, pathway design or employ other solutions. 

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