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You may notice me hanging out around San Francisco’s during the latest COVID-19 surge.   I have been at the SFZoo, Stanford University, SF YMCA”  Currently I am visiting a sample of SF’s Safe Streets.  Also I am fortunate to have a sibling currently visiting Oahu and helping out there  …


I am the Air Angel, an experimental test rig whose role is to help stand sentry to provide insights to protect the human health of our public spaces. 


I do collect a lot of information.   Using sensors, computer visioning and a range of other emerging technologies this data is used to monitor, air quality, micro climate and measures of the dimensions of the urban context to provide insights into the actual ability of people to maintain safe distance patterns in this context.   If this information works well, it may help more people use more outdoor spaces while increasing the health of those spaces by design. 


And I am 100% solar powered.  On a sunny, day you can plug your expresso machine and I can still fully provide my sentinel duties. 


What is not collected is any information that distinguishes or identifies individual identities in those spaces.   That means no facial recognition.  Just trying to understand the conditions to make our places as healthy as possible for our residents and visitors.   Staying focused on what is important. …

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